Smart Wireless Parking Sensor

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World’s First Smart Wireless Parking Sensor And Hands-Free Mobile App

World’s First Smart Wireless Parking Sensor And Hands-Free Mobile App

Installs in 5 minutes with no wiring or professional help needed. Included mobile app for Android and iOS provides instant audio, visual, and vibration alerts for objects detected in front or behind your vehicle (Patent Pending).

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New Car Technology For Any Car Without Having To Call The Car Guy To Install

Technical Features

Installs with only 4 custom security screws in less than 5 minutes

Software feature prevents theft

Sensors detect up to 10 feet

Works in extreme weather conditions

Help avoid expensive collisions costing $3,000 or more

Bluetooth Wireless 4.1

Universal AA battery

Included QuickLaunch™ button launches app instantly

App features

Audio alerts

Beautiful visual display

Android app compatible

Vibration Alerts

Instant auto On/Off hands-off app launch when backing up

iOS app compatible


Installs in less than 5 minutes

with 4 security screws to prevent theft. No wiring. No need to call the “car guy”.


No complex setup or installation fees.

Use your smartphone with an included app.

Featuring 1969 Karmann Ghia fitted with FENSENS

how it works

1. Install

Install the FenSens smart license plate frame using the included screwdriver and security screws over your current license plate.

2. Pair

After downloading the app to your smartphone, open the app and pair your FenSens device with your smartphone.

3. Dock

Dock your smartphone into your mobile phone dock and open the FenSens app or just leave it in your pocket.

4. Drive

Use the included TAP QuickLaunch button to instantly launch the parking sensor app, Google Maps, Roadside assistance, and other helpful car apps hands-free


How do you prevent theft?

FenSens comes with a set of security screws. FenSens owners are the only ones with the unique (included) screwdriver that can take it off the license plate. Also includes anti-theft software where device only works with your phone and tracks your car if it's lost or stolen, right on your app. 

How long is the battery life?

The battery lasts about 5 months and replacing the battery is as simple as popping off the battery housing. Batteries are universal AA size and can be replaced with any AA battery.

Do I have to do anything after installing to use it?

The included QuickLaunch button launches Android application instantly or sends a push notification to open the app if you are using iOS. The Android app starts providing you feedback without you having to do anything and the iOS app works by simply clicking the push notification you receive.

No wires you say? No complex installation?

No, FenSens is by far the easiest backup parking sensor technology on the market and it doesn't require any wiring at all. Simply replace your old license plate frame with the customizable FenSens smart license plate frame, install the free mobile application, and pair the device. It will work seamlessly every time you want to backup thereafter.

What is the effective range or object detection capabilities?

The FenSens can detect objects about 10 feet away and guide you safely to less than 1 foot away from them. When an object is detected, the response is very quick, but please pay attention to any feedback warnings and always back up carefully. While FenSens helps assist in safe parking, please pause for one second, look behind to see if your path is clear, then move.

What type of vehicles does it work for?

FenSens is perfect for all consumer and commercial fleet vehicles not exceeding 30 feet in length. If your car has a recessed license plate frame above the bumper, you might need the FenSens Truck version, which has the sensors positioned at the top of the FenSens device. We advise the owner of any vehicle with a license plate frame higher than 4 feet off the ground to test the vertical range of the sensor before using, as it may have trouble seeing objects below 2 feet.

Can I pair multiple phones to it?

Multiple users can be connected to one FenSens device. The original account holder can go to "Manage Devices" from in their settings menu, click on the device, and copy the share code to send to friends and family. While signing up the friends or family input that code during "LOGIN". 

When using the device the TAP QuickLaunch button will work for the registered user that connects to it first. For Android, whoever is in range first will be prompted and capable of launching the app on their phone when the TAP button is launched. For iOS both users will receive a push notification when in range of the device, whoever hits the notification to connect first will auto-launch the app on their phone. 

Meet the Team

Andy Karuza


10 year entrepreneurial vet with experience launching 10 products and working with Fortune 500 tech companies.

Mohammad Juma

Co-Founder Engineer

Hardware engineer with experience doing software development for Insurance companies.

Henry Wong

Founder, BOD

19+ years experience with consumer electronics working with Fortune 500 companies on 3 continents

Danny Luong

Co-Founder Engineer

Electrical, Hardware, and software engineer licensed with the Washington State Department of Transportation.

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