The 100% Wireless HD 1080p Backup Camera V2 (Refurbished)

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Includes FREE shipping in the UK and US with a 30 day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty (3 year extended warranty available at checkout). 

The FenSens Smart Solar Powered Wireless Backup Camera With App View is the only truly 100% wireless backup camera that never runs out of battery*. Version 2 with an enhanced chipset. 

The FenSens Smart Wireless Solar Powered Backup Camera is perfect for any car with a truly 100% wireless aftermarket option for upgrading your vehicle with a front and/or rear camera with a live stream video right to your phone (via Android or iOS app)! Includes patented QuickLaunch button technology to launch hands-free. 

Forget the fussy setup, add a 100% wireless to any vehicle (boat, RV, or car) within minutes. With a solar powered design, you shouldn't have to charge again after the first charge!  

This state of the art product includes the following:

- OV798 1080p WIFI Direct transmission (Same video quality as Ring Doorbell)

- Solar powered design (Will work indefinitely if it receives 2 hours of sunlight per day to charge and with normal use)* 

- TAP QuickLaunch button and voice launch for app auto-launch 

- Anti-theft security screws  

- Expanded battery capacity (rechargeable)

- Extended 3 year warranty option included 

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Please follow this helpful video tutorial for setup --> Tutorial Video

Please follow the user manual as well and setup the device before installing on your vehicle --> User Manual

Smart IoT Accessories for any Vehicle

Smart Wireless Parking Sensors And Backup Cameras

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It’s Simple

Installs in less than 5 minutes

with 4 security screws to prevent theft.
No wiring. No need to call the “car guy”.

It’s Affordable

No complex setup or installation fees.

Use your smartphone with an included app.

How it Works

1. Install

Install the FenSens smart license plate frame using the included screwdriver and security screws over your current license plate.

2. Pair

After downloading the app to your smartphone, open the app and pair your FenSens device with your smartphone. Backup camera and parking sensor work within the same app.

Backup Camera View

3. Dock

Dock your smartphone into your mobile phone dock and open the FenSens app or just leave it in your pocket.

4. Drive

Use the included TAP QuickLaunch button to instantly launch the parking sensor app, Google Maps, Roadside assistance, and other helpful car apps hands-free

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