European 100% Wireless HD 1080p Backup Camera (Universal Design)

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Includes FREE shipping in the UK and US with a 30 day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty (3 year extended warranty available at checkout). 

The FenSens European Smart Solar Powered Wireless Backup Camera With App View is the only truly 100% wireless backup camera that never runs out of battery*. Version 2 with an enhanced chipset. 

The FenSens Smart Wireless Solar Powered Backup Camera is perfect for any car with a truly 100% wireless aftermarket option for upgrading your vehicle with a front and/or rear camera with a live stream video right to your phone (via Android or iOS app)! Includes patented QuickLaunch button technology to launch hands-free. 

Forget the fussy setup, add a 100% wireless to any vehicle (boat, RV, or car) within minutes. With a solar powered design, you shouldn't have to charge again after the first charge!  

This state of the art product includes the following:

- OV798 1080p WIFI Direct transmission (Same video quality as Ring Doorbell)

- Solar powered design (Will work indefinitely if it receives 2 hours of sunlight per day to charge and with normal use)* 

- TAP QuickLaunch button and voice launch for app auto-launch 

- Anti-theft security screws  

- Expanded battery capacity (rechargeable)

- Extended 3 year warranty option included 

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