About Us

Smart IoT and AI Vehicle Solutions For Any Car

Easily upgrade any car for modern and eventually autonomous driving with our range of smart DIY car tech, AI, and cameras. 

FenSens’ goal is to offer the consumer the opportunity to purchase “New Car Technologies” for their current vehicle that are smart, simple, affordable and easy-to-install. Utilizing the latest IoT technology and AI, we're making roads safer and helping you easily upgrade your car.  

Our first product is the World's First Smart Wireless Parking Sensor, and a smart wireless backup camera which makes parking safe and simple through a smart license plate frame and an automated (hands-free) mobile app. We have many more products coming out soon which help you easily upgrade your car without having to call the car guy. These products include smart backup cameras, GPS trackers, AI Dash Cameras, anti-theft devices, key finders, and many more smart tech accessories all compatible through one mobile application or your favorite connected vehicle platform. Ask us about how our smart wireless car accessories can upgrade your vehicle or integrate with your connected vehicle system. 

Email: Info@FenSens.com for investment inquiries or customer service questions. 

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