FenSens uses ultrasonic sensors to detect objects in front or behind your vehicle. However, the sensors require a clear sign of sight in order to function properly. Please note that the sensors are adjustable, but we recommend the sensors being able to at least detect the lowest possible point on a vehicle or object behind you. Follow the sensor adjustment instructions in your user manual to properly adjust your sensors and clearance (if you have a protruding bumper). Lastly, please follow all local license plate laws and regulations as they vary state to state, although all require the license plate number and vehicle registration tabs to be clearly visible. Feel free to use the included section on the device to mount your registration tabs. 

Below is a list of known vehicles or states where your FenSens device may have issues with legality or visibility for the ultrasonic sensors. Note that this is not a complete list, please review your local regulations and license plate placement before purchasing. 

- Trucks with a hitch or step 

- Arizona

- Virginia

- Massachusetts

- New Jersey

- Jeeps or other vehicles with license plate frames that aren't centered (this creates a large blind spot behind your vehicle)

More to be added as we discover more cases. 


App compatibility:

Android 5.0 Prerred with 4.4 minimum 

iPhone 4s + iOS7+1 preferred

Bluetooth compatible


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