Backup Camera FAQ (More added daily)

Please follow this helpful video tutorial for setup --> iOS and Android

Please follow the user manual as well and setup the device before installing on your vehicle --> User Manual

TAP Button Issues

Most TAP button issues are usually caused because you didn't grant the app the permissions to use the location settings (always on). Please make sure the FenSens app has Bluetooth location settings turned to "Always On" for the app. For more troubleshooting on the TAP button, please see the dedicated FAQ section below. 

iOS Connection or Slow Camera Frame Rate Issues

We have identified a few iOS users with camera connection issues and have a long term fix coming this week. For a temporary fix please disable the "Cellular Network" and WiFi Assist permission for FenSens app on your device ( iOS > Settings > FenSens > Cellular Network). Once done, open the FenSens app, go to the Camera page and the app should reconnect to the backup camera. Make sure WiFi Assist is turned off as well. Lastly, keeping the app in your background connected to the Type S network will help the camera feed launch faster the next time you park. 

I managed to pair the backup camera but it is always showing “Connecting” or “Starting Video” and it never shows the live feed. 

  1. For iOS – Disable the “Cellular Data” permission for FenSens app . Go to iPhone Settings > FenSens > Cellular Data. Close the Fensens app and try again
  2. For Android – Disable the “Wifi Assist” feature or some android devices call it “Auto-Switch” (full walkthrough here) and then disable the Data connection for FenSens app via App permission or App list on your device (full walkthrough here). Also, try turning off bluetooth on your phone after the camera stream is running for less lag. 

I can see the live feed but the video is slow or there is a lag.

  1. For iOS – Disable the “Cellular Data” permission for FenSens app . Go to iPhone Settings > FenSens > Cellular Data. Close the Fensens app and try again. Keep the app in the background connected to the Type S WiFi network and it will load faster the next time you park. 
  2. For Android – Disable the “Wifi Assist” feature or some android devices call it “Auto-Switch” and then disable the Data connection for FenSens app via App permission or App list on your device. Also, try turning off bluetooth on your phone after the camera stream is running for less lag. Keep the app in the background connected to the Type S WiFi network and it will load faster the next time you park. 

I cannot find the camera when pairing with the app

  1. Ensure that the camera is charged via USB cable for at least 4-6 hours. Check if there is a red light indicator beside the charging port. If there is none, use a different USB cable. If multiple USB cable and charger has been used and there is no light. Please contact us at info@fensens.com for further troubleshooting
  2. Ensure that your device Bluetooth is On and not currently paired/connected to any other Bluetooth devices

I can find the camera however the next screen does not show the camera Wifi (Type_S_1080_BUC):

  1. Press the back button on the Fensens app to go back to the previous screen, then press and hold the camera power button for 3 seconds until it shows the blue led light and proceed to the next screen. Also, when in WiFi settings, tap to connect to the Type S WiFi and please wait 7 seconds or until you see the check mark next to the Type S WiFi name indicating that it is selected as your preferred WiFi network, then go back into the FenSens app and it should show up as the selected WiFi network above the gear icon. 
Can't Find Type S WiFi Network During Setup
We have found that if you are on the WiFi setup page (that shows the gear icon) and you don't see the Type S WiFi network show up in your phone's WiFi settings when you click the gear icon, then you can resolve the issue by going back one step to the Bluetooth setup page. From there, please proceed forward again to the WiFi setup page and then attempt to find and connect to the Type S WiFi network. The network should now appear. The reason this happens is sometimes if you are taking too long on the setup page, then camera will go back to sleep. Also, when in WiFi settings, tap to connect to the Type S WiFi and please wait 7 seconds or until you see the check mark next to the Type S WiFi name indicating that it is selected as your preferred WiFi network, then go back into the FenSens app and it should show up as the selected WiFi network above the gear icon. 
Android Connection Issues 
Sometimes your device switches to your Data connection when it detects that the Camera wifi has no internet. Normally Android devices have a feature in which it auto-switches connection once it detects that the current wifi has no internet connection. Please check your wifi settings and disable this feature (sometimes it is called WiFi Assist). And then disable the data connection permission for FenSens app on your Application list. Also, try turning off bluetooth on your phone for better streaming.

Backup Camera Doesn't Connect

The backup camera requires your Bluetooth and WiFi settings to be on. In order for the auto-launch feature to work properly you do need to allow for location tracking. If you get stuck in the camera setup screen for any reason feel free to go back a step and start over. If you aren't connecting with WiFi, try opening your WiFi settings and hit the "Type S" WiFi connection, then close your WiFi settings to go back to the app again. These minor kinks are being worked out in the first week of release, but that's a quick solution for you. The camera should then launch every time you open the app more easily after that setup. 
*Android Users* In the current version we have found that if it won't connect quickly, slide down your start menu, open WiFi settings and tap the Type S WiFi network one more time. Slide up the menu again while still in the app and it should load quickly now. We have already identified a fix for this and will release in a few days. 


I Got A Message That Says "An Internal iOS Error Occurred. Please Restart your Phone Or Connect To The WiFi Manually"

This is an iOS 13.3 bug that can be fixed by restarting your phone. Afterwards when using the camera you shouldn't see this error again. 


I Got A Message That Says "Location Tracking" Is On

We do not actually track your location, store this information, nor share it with anyone else. This feature is ONLY used to let your phone know it is in proximity with the camera specifically, so that when you press the TAP QuickLaunch button, it will launch the app and camera. Rest assured your data is safe, this is only for enhancing the UX an we have absolutely no plans to share or monetize this data. 

TAP button doesn't launch the app

Please note the TAP button does not auto-launch the app on iOS, this is intended because Apple doesn't allow you to auto-launch apps, it does however send a push notification, which you can click to open the app. If you are still having issues, please follow the TAP button FAQs in the parking sensor section below which covers the same TAP button operation for the backup camera. Most TAP button issues are because you haven't granted the app the "Always On" permission for the Bluetooth location settings. 

Camera Load Speed Is Slow

In the first release of the app we have noticed some types of OS seem to load the camera slower than others. On iOS you should get a prompt to switch to the Type S WiFi network, click that pop-up. On Android it should switch automatically, but it may take some time. While the app will automatically try to connect to the camera WiFi, the live camera feed always launches faster if you manually connect to the Type S WiFi network. Keep the app connected to the Type S WiFi network in the background while you drive, the next time you park the camera feed will load much faster. 

Also on Android, try turning off bluetooth on your phone for better streaming.

We've already identified how to improve this and speed it up and will release an app update very soon. Rest assured that the app will improve drastically in the first week or two now that we are receiving feedback from a much larger base of different OS and phone environments. 

Parking Sensor FAQ

Sensor Readings Incorrect Or Show An Object That's Not There

The number one reason for incorrect sensor readings is that the sensor is hitting an object unexpectedly. If you have a step, hitch, or otherwise protruding bumper, it may cause a false reading from the sensor. 

Here are some solutions:

1. Invert the sensor (turn upside down). Make sure you select the "Invert Sensor" option in the settings menu so the readings are inverted and read correctly after making the flip. 

2. Use the small Allen key included in the key on the holes to the left and right of each sensor: Turn left to loosen. Adjust the sensors up with the app running to see how it affects the readings (don't stand in front of the sensors), then hold the sensor in position while turning the Allen key clockwise to lock the sensor into its new position. 

Most false sensor readings are the sensor pointing downwards and hitting the ground, bumper, or hitch. Follow one of the two solutions above for an easy fix. 


My App Doesn't Connect To My Device

If you are trying to add the TAP button or sensor device and it keeps spinning without connection, it could be related to a widely reported Bluetooth Issue on S9. Please see these instructions on how to fix, then proceed to the steps below. 

 Here are some troubleshooting tips if you suspect a bigger issue.

 When the app is not connecting to device after paired, it may have one of the problems below:

1. App problem: App can not connect to device. (Try to reboot the App and/or the phone itself.)

2. Device problem: The device can't connect. (Try to re-power the device). 

3. Bluetooth signal: The distance between phone and device is too far and the signal is not good enough for communication. Lastly, the antenna in the product could be defective and it would be covered by hardware warranty.


The TAP Button And Auto-Launching The App

The TAP button automatically launches your app on Android and sends you a push notification on iOS that you can use to tap (the notification) and launch the iOS app on your phone instantly. If this doesn't work, make sure the app is running in the background and the blue status bar indicating location services is on. 

Pair your TAP button from the "Manage Devices" section, which you can access from the settings page in the app itself.

Add the TAP button from the "Manage Devices" page where it says "TAP Buttons", then click "Add TAP Button" to look for a nearby button you can pair with and use to auto-launch the app going forward. 

Say "Hey Siri, Launch FenSens" to launch the QuickLaunch notification on iOS or "Open FenSens" to launch the app on Android.  You can also touch your home screen button on iOS to launch SIRI, then use the above described voice command to launch. 
iOS users: If the APP is not running in the background, TAP the QuickLaunch button once to wake it up, then TAP the QuickLaunch button again to receive a push notification to auto-launch the FenSens device. Some TAP button actions can be limited by the platform or by the operating system, especially iOS which can prevent running background processes. 

Here are some helpful "how to" videos.

For iOS/Iphone- https://youtu.be/R2jXZN5v6CM
For Android - https://youtu.be/6s6E6ZHYBbs


It's Asking For A Share Code, What Do I Do?

Make sure you record your share code from Settings > Manage Devices > FenSens > Click On The Device. You should be able to see your device details and the share code associated with this. Provide this share code to friends and family for them to use when signing up and connecting with your device.  If you can't get in, then please contact info@FenSens.com for support and provide the device ID which should show up as FenSensXXXXX in your phone's Bluetooth nearby settings. 

How long is the battery life?

The battery lasts about 5 months and replacing the battery is as simple as popping off the battery housing. Batteries are universal AA size and can be replaced with any AA battery.

How do you prevent theft?

FenSens comes with a set of security screws. FenSens owners are the only ones with the unique (included) screwdriver that can take it off the license plate. Also includes anti-theft software where device only works with your phone and tracks your car if it's lost or stolen, right on your app. 

Do I have to do anything after installing to use it?

The included QuickLaunch button launches Android application instantly or sends a push notification to open the app if you are using iOS. The Android app starts providing you feedback without you having to do anything and the iOS app works by simply clicking the push notification you receive.

My Device Takes Too Long To Connect

We have found this is typically because the user attempts to turn on their Bluetooth settings while in the car. If the user turns off Bluetooth and then goes in the car, turns on the Bluetooth again, and opens the APP when they want to park, It might need a few seconds to connect the sensor device. If the signal is not strong in the car, it might need more time to connect.

We suggest to turn on Bluetooth all the time which doesn't use much battery at all from the phone, the APP can then connect to device when the user gets close to car and the app will connect much more quickly. Our device has a powerful antennae, but not every phone does, so it takes a bit to connect usually on the smartphone side. Avoid this by having your Bluetooth turned on already. 

What is the effective range or object detection capabilities?

The FenSens can detect objects about 10 feet away and guide you safely to less than 1 foot away from them. When an object is detected, the response is very quick, but please pay attention to any feedback warnings and always back up carefully. While FenSens helps assist in safe parking, please pause for one second, look behind to see if your path is clear, then move.

What type of vehicles does it work for?

FenSens is perfect for all consumer and commercial fleet vehicles not exceeding 30 feet in length. If your car has a recessed license plate frame above the bumper, you might need the FenSens Truck version, which has the sensors positioned at the top of the FenSens device. We advise the owner of any vehicle with a license plate frame higher than 4 feet off the ground to test the vertical range of the sensor before using, as it may have trouble seeing objects below 2 feet.

Can I pair multiple phones to it?

Multiple users can be connected to one FenSens device. The original account holder can go to "Manage Devices" from in their settings menu, click on the device, and copy the share code to send to friends and family. While signing up the friends or family input that code during "LOGIN". 

When using the device the TAP QuickLaunch button will work for the registered user that connects to it first. For Android, whoever is in range first will be prompted and capable of launching the app on their phone when the TAP button is launched. For iOS both users will receive a push notification when in range of the device, whoever hits the notification to connect first will auto-launch the app on their phone. 

My TAP Doesn't Launch

Please refer also to the FAQ above. Make sure you have location services turned on as the iBeacon will not work properly if your location services are turned off on your phone. In that case the TAP will not know you are close to the vehicle. Please turn on your mobile phone's location services.  

Also, TAP the button once to pull the app into the background, then TAP the button a second time to launch the app (or receive a click-to-launch push notification on iOS).  Also, try replacing the batteries (they are CR2032 3V lithium cell batteries. If your battery indicator shows 0% or the button doesn't show up in your Bluetooth nearby settings, then the battery is likely dead. 

I'm Not Receiving Audio Alerts Or TAP Button Notifications

For any button related issues, please see above FAQ's and make sure to check all permissions in APP. You should also turn on Location Services on your phone as our beacon uses this to determine if you are close to the device and send a push notification. 


Here are the best ways to troubleshoot your audio alerts not working: 


1. Turn on the sound from the mute switch to the left side of the iPhone.

2. Turn on the sound on from within the parking page in APP.

3. Adjust the volume to a maximum in the parking page.

4. Make sure there is a target within 2.5 to 3 meters from your car. The app will only beep if an object is detected in that range, but not further. 

Can I Take The Button Out Of The Holder?

Yes, the button is fully removable from the holder. Simply pinch the holder back to loosen the button, then use both fingers to carefully pluck the button from the button holder. Use the included 3M tape that came with your screw kit to place the button anywhere you want in the vehicle. 

How do I use the TAP button?

The TAP button launches the app automatically on Android and will send you a push notification on iOS. For best operability, please make sure you accept all permissions the app asks for and for iOS have the app running in the background. One tap on Android will launch the parking sensor page, another tap will take you out of the parking page to the home screen. A long hold of 4 seconds on Android or iOS will put the button into pairing mode if you are having trouble pairing with the button.  Also, feel free to say "Open FenSens" to launch the app on Android or SIRI to launch on iOS. 

How do I set the sensor from front to back (or vice versa)

You can set your sensor to the front or back during the setup process initially and anytime from the "Manage Devices" section of the Settings page. On the "Manage Devices" page, click "FenSens" under the devices section. This will pull up a screen that shows the paired devices, click the one you want to reposition, hit the delete button, then add it again, but this time to the back of the vehicle when it walks you through setup.  

TAP QuickLaunch Isn't Working On iOS

Make sure you accept all the necessary permissions in the app and set your Location settings on your phone to allow FenSens to use location "Always", not while using. The TAP button performs best when you have the FenSens app on in the background of your phone. 


If you are having issues pairing, then make sure to do a 5 second hold on the button to put the button in Bluetooth pairing mode. The button should appear available to pair with under Settings > Manage Devices > Tapp > Add Tap > Connect. 

What's The Best Way To Use 3 Or More FenSens Devices?

Each FenSens account is designed to manage 2 devices on 1 car for now. We will likely update this in the future, but for now we would recommend connecting only up to 2 FenSens devices (Front And Back) to 1 vehicle on one user account. 

Trouble Adding Two Sensors?

FenSens is designed to have 2 devices on 1 car (front and back) or with one mobile phone or user account. You can place multiple devices on other cars, but we would recommend a separate mobile phone or user account to be used with each car that has devices on it. This is so FenSens can properly tell that you back sensor on car #1 is different than the backup sensor on car #2. 

I Don't Want To Mount The TAP Button On My Steering Wheel

The TAP button can be taken out of its included holder and placed anywhere in the vehicle. Carefully pinch the bottom ring of the button holder to loosen the top, then carefully pop the button out of the holder. Use the included 3M tape from the screw kit to mount the button anywhere you would like in the car. 

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