European Smart Wireless Parking Sensor

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FenSens is a license plate based smart wireless parking sensor on your smartphone. It's an affordable UPGRADE for ANY Car installing in less than 5 min, with no wires, and includes a hands-free App (Android/iOS) that launches instantly providing convenient audio, visual, and vibration alerts when objects are detected in front or behind your vehicle.  (iOS receives a click-to-launch push notification). No complex setup or installation fees. Use your smartphone with an included app. Easy-to-use App launches hands-free instantly even if your phone is in your pocket. The European version fits license plates that are 520mm by 110mm to 120mm which works in the entire European Union, UK, South Africa, Hong Kong, and more. Shipping to the UK is free, while shipping to North America or Europe is an additional $20.  

• App launches instantly hands-free and allows you to easily access other connected car apps. (Works best with screen lock off and iOS receives a click-to-launch push notification). App can launch with Siri and Google Voice Commands after hitting the TAP button once. Say "Open FenSens" anytime and the app will launch on Android. On iOS you can also tap the home screen button to launch Siri, then say "Hey Siri, launch FenSens". The app will launch automatically. 
• Ultrasonic parking sensors provide audio, visual, and vibration alerts on your app. Smart parking sensor mounts on front and/or back of your vehicle.
•Weather proof for long-lasting use and completely wireless for simple installation. Universal AA battery size lasts 1 year (Do not recharge). 
•Anti-theft features keep your device safe and help track your vehicle or device if it's lost or stolen
• Available for iOS (4s + iOS7.1+ preferred) and Android (5.0 with 4.4 software+) smartphones. This is the European 520mm by 110mm to 120mm version which fits most European, Middle East, and Commonwealth countries. Please note BOTH plates in the 2-pack deal are 520mm by 110mm to 120mm.
• Bluetooth wireless. Kit includes one smart license plate frame. Includes lifetime customer service support and a 30 day money back guarantee. 


FenSens is perfect for all consumer and commercial fleet vehicles not exceeding 30 feet in length. If your car has a recessed license plate frame above the bumper, you might need the FenSens Truck version, which has the sensors positioned at the top of the FenSens device. We advise the owner of any vehicle with a license plate frame higher than 4 feet off the ground to test the vertical range of the sensor before using, as it may have trouble seeing objects below 2 feet. Installs in less than 5 minutes with 4 security screws to prevent theft. No wiring. No need to call the “car guy”. Please adhere to all local license plate laws. 

FenSens is also available through select retailers including: Best Buy Canada, All State's Rewards Program, and more to be announced soon.  Product includes a 30-day money back guarantee return policy. 

USE CODE "2packEU" to get 2 units for $249.98

Shipping to the UK is FREE, but shipping to the US is an additional $30 shipping fee. 


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US Patent # 9966951

Smart IoT Accessories for any Vehicle

Smart Wireless Parking Sensors And Backup Cameras

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It’s Simple

Installs in less than 5 minutes

with 4 security screws to prevent theft.
No wiring. No need to call the “car guy”.

It’s Affordable

No complex setup or installation fees.

Use your smartphone with an included app.

How it Works

1. Install

Install the FenSens smart license plate frame using the included screwdriver and security screws over your current license plate.

2. Pair

After downloading the app to your smartphone, open the app and pair your FenSens device with your smartphone. Backup camera and parking sensor work within the same app.

Backup Camera View

3. Dock

Dock your smartphone into your mobile phone dock and open the FenSens app or just leave it in your pocket.

4. Drive

Use the included TAP QuickLaunch button to instantly launch the parking sensor app, Google Maps, Roadside assistance, and other helpful car apps hands-free

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